Dr Tseen Khoo

Developing research communities


Meme by @MadeRimayanti, March 2022. My first personalised meme.
Meme by @MadeRimayanti, March 2022. My first personalised meme. ❤

I am an academic in researcher education and development at La Trobe University and half of the Research Whisperer team.

My contact details are on my university staff profile, and I’m also happy to be contacted via Twitter (@tseenster) or Mastodon (@tseenster@aus.social)


Dr Tseen Khoo is a Senior Lecturer in the Research Education and Development team, La Trobe University. She researches in the field of critical university studies and has published on early career researcher experiences, digital academic identities, and racial diversity issues. Previously, Tseen was a Senior Advisor – Research Grant Development at RMIT, and a research fellow at Monash University and the University of Queensland. She created and runs the internationally recognised research development and research culture blog, The Research Whisperer with her colleague Jonathan O’Donnell (Uni of Melbourne).

Tseen is the founding convenor of the Asian Australian Studies Research Network (AASRN; 2006-2017), and a founding editorial advisor for the Asian Australian arts and culture magazine, Peril (2006-2013).

If you want to know more, here’s the requisite About me page!