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Dr Tseen Khoo
is a Senior Lecturer in the Research Education and Development team, Graduate Research School, La Trobe University. Tseen has written on research funding issues, early career researcher experiences, alternative academic streams, and racial diversity issues in Australia.

With Jonathan O’Donnell, Tseen created and runs the research development and research culture blog, The Research Whisperer (established 2011). The Research Whisperer is dedicated to the topic of doing research in academia and hosts a wide range of guest posts from authors around the world, as well as regular posts from its creators. In 2021, Tseen and Jonathan and their colleagues Inger Mewburn and Narelle Lemon launched The Whisper Collective, a portal site that showcases the best, independent academic advice from around the web. It’s created to help PhD researchers, ECRs, and other academics in their work.

Tseen has previously been a Senior Advisor (Research Grant Development) at RMIT University, a Monash University Research Fellow, and a University Queensland Postdoctoral Fellow.

Tseen started her academic career as a literary studies scholar and is the founding convenor of the Asian Australian Studies Research Network (AASRN; 2006-2017). She edited several special issue journals that showcase AASRN expertise with the Journal for Australian Studies (2000, 2008, 2017), Journal of Intercultural Studies (2006), and Asian Studies Review (2003). She was also a convenor for the inaugural “Dragon Tails” conference in 2009, and co-edited the subsequent special issue of Australian Historical Studies (2011). Tseen has actively fostered a generous and inclusive culture in the network. In 2019, the AASRN established the ‘Tseen Khoo Bursary‘, which is dedicated to supporting emerging researchers to attend network conferences. She is also a founding editorial advisor for the Asian Australian arts and culture magazine, Peril (2006-2013).

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