Dr Tseen Khoo

Developing research communities


PODCAST: Conferencing now and conferencing futures (Whisper Collective) Interviewed on 19 Nov 2021; published 23 Feb 2023. Features guests Jamie Burford and Emily Henderson, the creators of the Conference Inference blog.

MAGAZINE INTERVIEW: Interview #200, with Leah Jing McIntosh (Liminal Magazine) 26 April 2022

PODCAST: Researchers who podcast (La Trobe Uni / Whisper Collective) 15 Oct 2021. Features guests Inger Mewburn, Ryan Gustafsson, and Lauren Gawne.

PODCAST: Networking is more than nibbling wine and cheese (in a doomsday bunker) (#OnTheReg, with Inger Mewburn) 28 Aug 2021

PODCAST: Resisting academic hyper-competitiveness – Interview with Professor Kylie Ball (#Whisperfest) 18 July 2021

PODCAST: The Circle of Niceness (#Whisperfest) 27 Feb 2021. Features Narelle Lemon, Jonathan O’Donnell, and Inger Mewburn.

JOURNAL INTERVIEW: Know thy neighbours—Asian Australian Studies helps you know thyself (Melbourne Asia Review) 23 Feb 2021

BLOG INTERVIEW: The Research Whisperer – Jonathan O’Donnell and Tseen Khoo (The Leveraged PhD) 6 Sept 2019

RADIO INTERVIEW: What does it mean to be ‘Asia literate’? (ABC Radio National) 2 Nov 2012

BLOG INTERVIEW: Becoming a journal editor (PhD2Published) 26 Sept 2012

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