Dr Tseen Khoo

Developing research communities


I manage two weekly blogs and have written regularly about research cultures, funding, and academic work for a range of magazines and blogs.

  1. The Research Whisperer blog (2011-present; with Jonathan O’Donnell)
  2. Manager/writer, RED Alert blog (2015-present; as part of the Research Education and Development [RED] team, La Trobe University)
  3. Khoo, Tseen, and Mridula Nath Chakraborty. “Interview: Know thy neighbours—Asian Australian Studies helps you know thyself.Melbourne Asia Review, Edition 5, 2021. DOI: 10.37839/MAR2652-550X5.22
  4. Columnist for Research Professional’s Funding Insight (Australia) (2016-2019)
  5. Monthly columnist, Eureka Street (2017-2018)
  6. Turning off the lights on Australian Research (Eureka Street, 8 September 2014)
  7. “Things I wish I’d known about alt-ac” (Connect 7.2 [2014] – NTEU magazine, July 2014)
  8. The Research Precariat (at CASA blog, 11 April 2014)
  9. Secret River vs Breath – Meanjin 2013 Tournament of Books (December 2013)
  10. Diverse challenges in reading Asian Australian women’s writing” (Australian Women Writers Challenge blog – 1 October 2013)
  11. You and your research CV” (Connect 6.1 [2013] – NTEU magazine, March 2013)
  12. The Dawning of a new ERA (at The Conversation; 6 Dec 2012)
  13. Technically not ‘writing’, but I was invited onto Radio National’s “Life Matters” program to discuss ‘Asia literacy‘ (2 Nov 2012). Also featured Alison Broinowski (ANU).
  14. Time to thaw: The human side of the research funding freeze (at The Conversation; 19 Oct 2012)
  15. Becoming a journal editor (at PhD2Published; Sept 2012)
  16. Lessons in naivety” (Connect 5.2 [2012] – NTEU magazine, July 2012)
  17. Help! I have to write a grant application” (Connect 5.1 [2012] – NTEU magazine, March 2012)
  18. Validation and solidarity (at Right Now Inc; 29 March 2012)
  19. Interview with Alf Nicdao (at Peril magazine; 10 March 2012)
  20. Interview with Min Tran (at Peril magazine; 10 March 2012)
  21. Visionary or ‘slackademic’? Social media’s role in tomorrow’s academia (at The Social Interface, with Indigo Willing; Nov 2011)
  22. Origins of the Research Whisperer” (at the Networked Researcher, with Jonathan O’Donnell; Oct 2011 [Wayback machine version])

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