I’ve realised that I haven’t immortalised our family’s extreme cake-decorating efforts beyond the single entry with the Pac-Man ghost cake from last October. This was indeed the cake that tripped the madness switch in terms of birthday efforts.

Below is our ‘output’ since last October – click on pics for larger photographs!

November 2007 – K.’s birthday cake (cake baked by Mum; decorated by T. and S.): Cream cheese icing + fruit Roll-Up fish bits (Roll-Ups are an absolute travesty and shouldn’t be classified as food – hideous) + chocolate-coated sultana rocks + sculpted Mint Slice eyes + melted jelly-snake mouth.

December 2007 – E.’s 1st birthday cake (bought cake [gasp!]; decorated by T. and S. [mostly S., let’s be honest]): Butter icing + Malteser eyes and nose + chocolate mint stick whiskers + piped chocolate details.

January 2008 – C.’s birthday cake (cake baked by Mum; decorated mostly by S.): Dusted icing sugar + “Boss” caramel stick legs and fangs (welded into shape over a gas-stove by S.) + marshmallow feet + sugar-dusted jelly-fruit eyes.

June 2008 – S.’s birthday cake (cake baked by Mum; decorated by K.): Green cream cheese icing, honeycomb and ganached cake ‘boulders’, cactus spination = All Bran and shards of Peppermint Crisp, corn puff gravel, random rubber animals (spider and lizard).

June 2008 – D.’s birthday cake (cake baked by S.; decorated/styled by S. and K.): Citreon CX Series 2 – Coloured white chocolate icing with shaped white chocolate ‘windows’, licorice bumpers and rear vision mirrors (wheels were licorice + dark chocolate), jube lights (T.’s only contribution to the enterprise – oh, hang on, I might’ve done the piping on the number-plates, too), toffee and dark chocolate aerial + bonnet prop, white chocolate license plates with dark chocolate text, lime Aeroplane jelly hydraulic fluid.

July 2008 – my birthday (cake baked and decorated by S.): Purply cream cheese icing, halved Maltesers on the ‘skirt’, mint sticks and a musk stick for ‘arms’ and laser-nose as well as around mid-height, jellybeans on head, licorice detail on base and mid-height, chocolate discs/Wagon Wheels under head.

August 2008 – B. and D.’s joint cake (cake baked by S.; decorated by T. and S.):
White chocolate ganache, Smarties and mini-marshmallow details, chopped jelly snake markings, choc-covered jelly snake antennae and probocis. This was an ‘impromptu’ cake at an interstate location!

That’s it for the moment! The next one won’t be till October again, then we’ll have come full circle. The question is: can this go on? Will S.’s creative mania endure? Can we store any more candy/lolly features in our pantry…?!