This is one of my pet peeves: The expectation that Asian food will be cheap.

What is with the presumption that Asian food in Australia will be cheaper than any other food? Can people not distinguish between being in a country where the standard of living allows their tourist dollar to magnify their consumption potential and…not being in such a country?

I’m a semi-foodie in that I love trying new restaurants, getting together with people to feast, and knowing things about food/dining. I know how much work and consideration good food takes, no matter what cultural heritage produces it. Yes, there are cheap’n nasty versions of most cuisines, but if you want good food, it’s fair enough that you pay for it. On a relative scale, expensive Asian is often still cheaper than expensive European, isn’t it? People complaining that where they’ve just eaten a huge meal in Melbourne is so overpriced compared to that hole-in-the-wall market stall in Penang make me see red. It’s because their attitude sucks. Do these whingers have any idea what goes into prepping and cooking what they’ve just eaten? In general, they don’t seem to acknowledge that Asian restaurants with legit operations have to work under the same conditions as other Australian businesses; same tax, same PAYE, same infrastructural costs. They don’t just exist in a magical state of ‘being cheap’.

My rant isn’t aimed at people who love a good bargain when it comes to eating well; I’m one of those.

It’s aimed at those who presume that Asian food is a ‘rip-off’ if it isn’t dirt cheap. I’m so tired of hearing it.