Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve moved over to WordPress after squatting on this address for a couple of years. I’ve been converted.

It all began when I set up a new blogging venture with my colleague, Jonathan O’Donnell, called The Research Whisperer (which is modelled on Inger Mewburn’s excellent Thesis Whisperer). That all went very well, and the many, many engaging folk I’ve met in the short time RW’s been running (on the blog as well as @researchwhisper) has changed the way I view social media. Seriously. It’s that profound. These developments meshed with the start of the “Shut up and write” sessions at Pearson & Murphy’s, but that’s fodder for another post (probably at RW!).

After setting up RW, in the past day or so, I’ve also set up a new blog/site for the Asian Australian Film Forum (12-13 Nov 2011) for which I am a part of the convening committee, along with fabulous folk like Indigo Willing, Amadeo Marquez-Perez, and Mikala Tai. This is the event that will take place directly after AAI 4 (10-11 Nov 2011).

I’ve been seduced by the interface, which makes it a lot easier to log in once have access to all my blogs at once. Convenience, of course. It wins every time.