Time to book yourself those tickets!

Remember all those fantastic Asian Australian events that are happening in Melbourne in November this year?

They’re all open for registration and RSVPs!

I’ve brought them all together in this post for your convenience.

Make me proud and sign up for everything…OK, I know Dragon Tails and the AAFF 2011 are on at exactly the same time, but you’ve always wanted to try out that mini-you, right?

1. AAI 4 ECR Workshop – 9 November – Register by 1 October!

This workshop is being organised by Professor Jacqueline Lo (Chair, AASRN; ANU), and will feature Dean Chan (U of Wollongong), Christine Kim (Simon Fraser U, Canada), and me (RMIT). Also? It’s FREE. What’s the workshop for? It’s for:

“Research Higher Degree and postdoctoral researchers are invited to attend a workshop exploring the “state of play” of Asian diasporic studies within Australia, and more broadly within the context of North America and Europe. The aim of this workshop is to assist ECRS to better situate their projects, both intellectually and professionally.”

Sounds pretty damn fine to me. I won’t go on about how I wish we had this kind of thing when I was going through my PhD, no I won’t… Oh, and did I mention it was FREE?

2. NEW COMMUNITIES, NEW RACISMS (AAI 4: The 4th Biennial AASRN Conference) – 10-11 November – Earlybird discount ends on 30 September!

I’ve written about this conference a few times already so won’t go on about it again, except to say: OMG EXCITED.

Also? You can’t say no to Poh (Ling Yeow)!

Or Ghassan Hage, Meaghan Morris, Benjamin Law, Alice Pung, Tom Cho, Adam Bandt, Tsebin Tchen, Peta-Jane Madam, Dai Le, Maria Vamvakinou, Shabbr Wahid, Cam Nguyen, Soo-lin Quek, Vincent Chow, Kee Pookong, Tammi Jonas, Jane Wong, Phil Lees, Billy Lee, Belinda Smaill, Olivia Khoo, Chris Pang, Heng Tang, Christian Were, Mark Cummins, John Sinclair, Gao Jia, and many others…

3. AAFF 2011 (The Inaugural Asian Australian Film Forum) – 12-13 November – You can RSVP for the event!

This is shaping up to be such a cool gig! Australia is long overdue for something like this, an event that acknowledges and celebrates Asian Australian screen cultures and filmmaking. The speakers and special guests are a wonderful cross-section of talent, with panels I can’t wait to see. These include:

  • On the screen scene – Getting AAs stories seen
  • Asian faces and cultural spaces
  • Cross cultural perspectives
  • New visions, new voices: Indy and emerging perspectives

The closing film for AAFF is Khoa Do’s Mother Fish. Visit the website for more information and how to RSVP!

4. Dragon Tails 2011 – 12-13 November – Register now!

This event, to be held at the Museum of Chinese Australian History in Cohen Place, looks so good. So good, in fact, that it hurts to know I’m going to have to miss sections of it because of my commitment to AAFF 2011. If you don’t believe me, check out the papers that will be presented! Excellent line-up, and some great issues being addressed. Convenors Sophie Couchman and Kate Bagnall have done a fab job lining up such an event.

2 thoughts on “Time to book yourself those tickets!

  1. Neil Foley

    Hi there Tseen, i’d like to tell you also about the Fantastic Asia Film festival that will be running at Cinema Nova from November 9 2011. The festival will be a spotlight on genre films from the Asia-Pacific region. There will be special guests and a program of around 25, new release feature films from Japan, Philippines, Sth Korea, China, Hong Kong and hopefully Indonesia. The full program is to be announced on the 3rd of October when a press release will be circulated. Te FAFF website has been lauched and will be updating soon as more titles are confirmed. Already confirmed are THE YELLOW SEA by Na Hong-Jin of Sth Korea and GUILTY OF ROMANCE by Sion Sono of Japan. The web address is http://www.faff.com.au. Please keep and eye out for more and if you would like to contact me (Neil Foley – Festival director) you can do so at neil@faff.com.au.


    1. Thanks for all that, Neil! Will be in touch soon, and will definitely check out FAFF. Sounds like great stuff! Is this the first time FAFF has been run? Don’t worry about answering that here. I’ll drop you a line. 🙂

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