Love the smell of ARCs in the morning…

Australia Research Council (ARC)

It’s that time of year again!

And I don’t mean the flogging of horses or despicable amount of money spent on inane bits of fashion (yes, I’m looking at you, fascinators).

Two of the most anticipated sets of results from our nation’s key research funder, the Australian Research Council (ARC), are now out!

For Asian Australian Studies, and our members in general, it’s an interesting and celebratory swag.

Many enthusiastic congrats to the successful awardees! May you have a fabulous week of celebrating and feeling relieved!

Similarly, enthusiastic exhortations to those who were unsuccessful in this round to pitch it in again next year. What they say about grants often getting up on 2nd or 3rd attempts is true.

Here’s a quick breakdown of results from a skim (on my day’s leave today…):

DECRAs (Discovery ECR Awards) awarded to AASRN members

  • Catherine GOMES (RMIT University) – “Media and transient migrants in Australia and Singapore: mapping identities and networks”
  • Adam BROINOWSKI (ANU) – “Contaminated life: hibakusha in Japan in the nuclear age”
  • Gay BREYLEY (Monash U) – “A historical study of modern Iran and its diaspora through the music, career and cultural significance of pop star Googoosh”

Successful Discoveries (DPs) awarded to AASRN members (and teams with AASRN members)

  • Wenche OMMUNDSEN (Lead CI – U of Wollongong), Michael JACKLIN, Tuan NGUYEN, Nijmeh HAJJAR, and Sneja GUNEW – “New transnationalisms: Australia’s multilingual literary heritage”
  • John FITZGERALD (Swinburne U) – “Asia-Pacific philanthropies: transnational diaspora networks, anti-colonial nationalism, and the emergence of modern Chinese philanthropy, 1850-1949”

Other awarded grants that may be of interest to Asian Australianists:

  • DECRA – Michele LOBO (Deakin U) – Shared belonging in Australia: public space and intercultural relations in suburban Darwin
  • DECRA – Juliet PIETSCH (ANU) – Asian Australian political identities and participation across communities: comparisons with the United States
  • DISCOVERY – Ian McALLISTER, Juliet PIETSCH, and Toni MAKKAI (ANU) – Political participation and electoral representation among first and second generation migrants to Australia
  • DISCOVERY – Ian WOODWARD, and Zlatko SKRBIS (Griffith U) – Cosmopolitan encounters in contemporary Australia

Given the speed with which I read the listings, I may have inadvertently missed some.

Please comment with additions and I’ll amend the post!

3 thoughts on “Love the smell of ARCs in the morning…

  1. You don’t have to amend your post to add this but

    I think now we initiate our plans to take over the world.

    Congratulations to everyone on the list! But also, the whole having to apply for grants and the whole grant process is craparama.

    1. Also, yes, the whole grant application process is tortuous and – for most – ultimately unrewarding. It’s a flawed system. Wanna suggest a new one? There’s been some talk of govt money accompanied by crowdfunding component. You can imagine a lot of humanities going into a death spiral if that were the case!

      The DECRA success rate for HCA (Humanities and Creative Arts) was 15.1%.

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