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No Little Birdies (Photo by Tseen Khoo)
No Little Birdies (Photo by Tseen Khoo)

Best intentions and all. Life’s totally overtaken my blogging schedule.

I started a new job at a new institution recently, and my new commute is 3 hours a day. While I thought this would mean OMG so much writing time, it has not come to pass. On a swaying bus, the best ‘work’ I can do is checking emails + tweeting from my various accounts (AASRN and Research Whisperer, mostly).

I’m keeping this here as a placeholder until things settle down. I’ve started dozens of posts, but never saw them through. Poised over the keyboard, thinking I needed to write something insightful and worthwhile shunting out into the world, I usually balk.

So, if you’re looking at this blog because you’ve found me via one of the hats I wear, here are some shortcuts for finding the kind of stuff you might be interested in:

Meanwhile, as I’ve been saying for about five years, I need to start shedding some roles…


  1. Here it is, 3 yrs after you posted this – have you found any tips to shedding, managing time, etc? If so, desperately would love to know. Tx for great blog!

    • Thanks for your comment! Guess what? I’ve added more to the list! Argh… It probably explains how regularly I post to the blog these days.

      • Hi again, Tseen! Would you be interested in composing a short guest post on something to do with books or libraries for my blog?

        • Hey there – thank you for thinking of me but I’m trying really hard not to commit to other writing at the moment. Running 2 weekly blogs and also trying to get my research writing done is proving a daunting constant in my life. All the very best wishes with your work!

  2. Oh, no! Oh, well – there’s something to be said for misery loving company – this way none of us feel alone for not getting more done too.

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