Comic Sans - issue 2 | Photo by Rachel Ang
Comic Sans – issue 2 | Photo by Rachel Ang

I wrote ‘Asian Australian Voices‘ in July 2016 and, since then, I’ve had so many things to add.

This is because I missed things out, they started after that last listing, I came to things later, or I just feel like more people should know about the fab work that’s going on with these peeps. If I had done my PhD around now, I would’ve been spoilt for material to study and critical takes on so many cultural works, and I’m saying that knowing full well that there’s a long, long way to go in terms of representation from, and opportunities for, Asian Australian writers, performers, artists, and other cultural workers.

Note that this listing is highly subjective and testament to the wonderful bubble of networks I have around me. I should also mention that my ability to categorise consistently is also rubbish. Caveat emptor!

I realise there’s plenty of other top-shelf stuff out there (please share them in the comments if you’d like!).

I have titled this post ‘Things to spruik 1’ in anticipation of more to come – I would love to write a series of these posts, noting the uber-fab things that you all get up to.


Publications you should check out

Liminal (since 2016): Since this publication launched, I’ve been a huge fan. It has a simple format of an interview a week with an Asian Australian creative/culture type, accompanied by gorgeous photos. It works brilliantly because the interview questions are incisive and engaging, and the people being interviewed are diverse, fascinating, and politically activated (so refreshing!). Founded by Leah Jing, the magazine now has an enviable line-up of interviewers and production peeps and even offers a writing prize (deadline 1 April 2019!). (since 2017): This magazine features creative work by Asian Australians, from poetry and graphic art to fiction and illustrations. The powerhouse founders are editor-in-chief Yen-Rong Wong and art director Rachel Ang. With three issues under its belt and support from the Queensland Writer’s Centre, it’s a great outlet for emerging and more established writers and artists.

Comic Sans (since 2018): A project hatched by Leah ‘Liminal’ Jing and Rachel ‘Pencilled In’ Ang, this open-ended series of zines is a fantastic forum for comic artists. I’m a big comics fan and love the special texture of images and writing that these works are all about. There has been, to date, two issues and you can order them through the Liminal site – Issue One | Issue Two.


People with ninja writing and/or editing skills

Fatima Measham: I first got to know Fatima better when she invited me to write for Eureka Street where she was (until recently) a soliciting editor. She has always impressed me with her savvy, generous, and rigorous take on sociopolitical issues. She is the kind of person I want to be writing and publishing more in the Australian public sphere. This is why I am one of her supporters on Patreon. You can check out her great work for yourself – – and support her to keep doing the astute, powerful work she does:

Dean Chan: I’ve known Dean for about 20 years. That’s a long time to have a colleague and still be on excellent terms! We’ve worked on an ARC together, written together, worked on events together, and had a lot of productive gossip sessions together. He is now a freelance editor and research developer, based in Perth, WA (but can work for anywhere, of course); he’s done a great job of landing grants for his clients. Dean is also a fab research project manager. Want to see what he’s done and what his skill-sets are? Go here:

Tom Cho: Tom’s been a freelance editor and funding developer for creative arts folks for many years, as well as being a wonderful writer and colleague. He is currently one of the convenors of the Monthly Weeklies group that I am in and it is a lovely way to re-connect. He’s a sterling professional with whom I’ve worked before (one of my testimonials is on his page!) – as I said then and I would say always, ‘I could not recommend his services more highly’. Tom’s excellent. He just is. Here’s his consultancy page:


New research network

To end this entry, I wanted to give a shout-out to an exciting new research network that has started up, convened by two researchers who are members of the AASRN, Drs Monika Winarnita and Earvin Cabalquinto. Monika and Earvin began the Asia Pacific Digital Culture and Society (Facebook | Twitter) in September 2018, and it promises to be a great inter-disciplinary forum that enables work in these areas. Heaps of lovely, brilliant types are already a part of the network so get on board if these are areas that you’re interested in!